Monday, March 28, 2011


I wanted to have a little getaway with my mom and dad and the kids before we left for the summer. Justin was out out of town so he wasn't there - it was just like old times, plus two kids! We stayed just one night in Midway at the homestead. We ate mexican for dinner and then read stories in the hotel room. The next morning we ate breakfast at the Homestead and then suited up for a swim in the crater. The kids didn't know what to think. Cody thought it was going to erupt at any moment. But they ended up thinking it was lots of fun. For lunch we went to The Store, a grocery store in Midway with the best salad bar of ALL TIME. It was a great little trip!


Saturday, March 5, 2011

red rock shizzle - lake to lake relay

This was one of the most fun girls trips I've had in a long time. I love getting outside with a bunch of girls! Our job was to promote the Red Rock and I think we did a swell job. We ran a 50 mile relay and Red Rock Relay paid for everything! Each girl did two 5 mile legs. As there were six of us it worked out nicely that I only had to run one leg and Alissa ran the other.

1. All the girls, Liz, Emilie, Alissa, Kaycee, me and Heidi. 2. Kaycee and her megaphone, most likely yelling something like, "My grandma runs faster than you!" or "You okay in the porta potty Liz? Need some help?" Or she would just have a normal conversation with someone from 1 foot away but she used that megaphone regardless. She ran with it, brought it to the banquet, and generally made other girls hate her because their boyfriends fell in love. 3.Alissa and Emilie 4. Heidi working her camera skills, she made us a great video.

1. Heidi running like a paparazzi. 2. My pregnant belly (might be the only shot I get). 3. Us girls again 4. Alissa