Thursday, April 22, 2010

my angel

I have a little angel in my house...and she has beautiful long legs!


I took Photo 1 this semester and these are a few photos that I am most proud of. I have tons more though. I plan on putting up all my projects from the last year once we get to Texas.

Monday, April 19, 2010


I feel so boring lately. And I don't like it. I will be so happy to be done with school - is it a bad sign that my graphic design program makes me feel less creative? Anyway, I have lots of plans for this summer and I mostly just can't wait to play play play with my kids. Ellie came to class with me today. She hates UVU's preschool/daycare that they go to twice a week. The biggest reason is because she knows she has to go there because I'm going to school (a.k.a. I'm too busy for her). I couldn't resist her plea's this time. She sat quietly for a 3 HOUR critique, playing on my laptop and doing workbooks. The whole class just loved her. Every hour I went out to the vending machine and brought her back a treat. I love days where she feel like my friend and not just my kid.

So - trying to be not so boring. We hiked the Y on Saturday. One of those things that's fun after your done. I love these sunny days though. After the Y the kids came home and played in the backyard and then at the park with a friend for the rest of the day. It's a good day when baths at night are not an option because your kids have played so hard they just stink.



Saturday, April 10, 2010

easter and conference

Easter and Conference fell on the same weekend this year. Justin had already left for Texas so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to be alone at my house and listen to conference. It made such a difference! I was actually able to remember what I heard and since so many of the talks were about being a mother I felt very grateful to have been able to really listen this year.

Saturday I bbsat Molly and Ethan so I took them out to Mapleton for an egg hunt. There is a family out there that puts on a huge hunt including six bike give-a-ways, tractor pulls, games, and cookies and hot chocolate. Jann braved the cold with me and helped me not to loose the kids in the mayhem.



Some of my Easter decorations.