Monday, June 25, 2007

wasatch back relay

Last friday and saturday i participated in the Wasatch Back Relay, which is a 178 mile relay race from Logan to Park City. There are 12 people on a team and you rotate through the team running three legs of 3 - 7 miles each. You run through the night and our team finished in 25 hrs and I don't remember the minutes. We did finish 59th out of 296 teams though which I think was pretty awesome.
My friend Emily originally started out as a team capitain and tried to put a team together. Three days before the race we ended up disolving our team because we were spending all our time trying to replace dropouts. It's so interesting to me how easily people will commit to something, even pay $85 to do it, and then think nothing of dropping out. Granted there are some people with good excuses, but for the most part I think a lot of people on our team just didn't want to do it. Anyway, I found a team for Emily, her friend Cori, and I with a team from USU in Logan. The van we traveled in was faculty and the other van students. As you can see from the pictures these guys were serious runners. They kicked butt! I did alright considering I just had a baby 4.5 months ago and am nursing. I think nursing is what kills just can't get over this wall until you stop because it just takes so much out of you. I would like to do this race next year when I have my body back. My first leg was in 95 degree weather and was 3.3 miles. This was the hardest leg for me because of the heat and I just didn't feel that great. My second leg 7 miles at 1:00 am and was awesome! I felt great, ran fast and it was so fun to run in the middle of nowhere (I still am not sure where I was) in the middle of the night. My last run was 6 miles through Midway and my hips starting hurting super bad so I quit at mile 4 - I was nervous I was injuring myself. Another guy in the van just finished for me which is not against the rules so it was fine. Next year would be fun to run with six couples. I am just so grateful that I have the time and health to be able to do these kinds of things. Sports keep me from having "mom burn-out" and really just helps me stay in a good mood. I love feeling strong and like I can do anything. Yeah!

what a good mommy

I asked ellie what she was doing and she said, "feeding my dolly milk."

Sunday, June 17, 2007

my dad

Just and I gave talks a few weeks ago in church. The subject was kindess and here is an exerpt from my talk:

My dad is an incredible example of someone who has shown kindness to his children. Although his expectations were clear when it came to hard work, making good use of time, and respect, he showed his kindness by listening to me without judging and by spending time with me – I can’t emphasis what an impact this has made in my life. Except for my mom, I knew he had no other friends, family or acquaintances that he would rather be with than me. We mountain biked, ran, skied, and camped together. We worked in the yards, washed the windows and cars together; and I helped sand, paint and route chairs parts in his small furniture business. Recently, we spent hours together fixing up an old house I bought. I have more pictures of him in my high school and college scrapbooks than any of my old boyfriends.
It seems that our time now-days is pulled from a thousand directions. I hope our children can know that they are at the top of the list when it comes to choosing where to spend our time. It’s probably the only thing you will not regret doing too much of. I am reminded of the old LDS television commercial which asks, “Isn’t it about time?”

my hubby

Why I love Just:

1. He always tells me I'm his best friend
2. He loves to take Ellie to 7-peaks by himself (I just realized it's probably because of all the smiles he gets from the girls, hummm).
3. He does lots of laundry and feels bad for me that there is always so many dirty clothes.
4. He supports all my over-the-top amitions.
5. He is always more than willing to babysit so I can go biking, running or whatever. He knows I will be in a great mood when I get home.
6. He doesn't want to regret not spending time with his family later, so he is makes sure we make lots of family memories now!
7. He likes shopping more than I do.
8. He is soooo creative.
9. He can fix anything. He can build anything.
10. He is dependable and good for his word.
11. He hugs and kisses me ALL the time. I act like I am annoyed but he knows I like it.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

my cute ellie peach

I bought this precious book yesterday, it reminds me of ellie with the same hair style and face shape. And ellie loves anything yellow. I am currently working on a yellow room for her. So far i have her "peach" dresser we made when i was pregnant with her, yellow, orange and white paper lanterns, yellow adirondack chairs, a white wicker rocker and white bedding with the best yellow pillows. I'll put up pics when I get it all put together. Still looking for a cute bed and some more fun pillows.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


How does anyone think of things to say on a blog when they know everyone is going to read it? How embarassing.

We spent the weekend in Midway at Johnson's Mill. Super fun. We took Cody and paddled on the pond in the evening, ate dinner at Breadstix and watched an Alfred Hitchcok movie (well I did anyway - Just went to sleep as soon as he realized the movie was black and white). In the morning we bundled Cody up like a burrito and ran to the top of Memorial Hill. Midway so beautiful; someday I want to have a little cottage there.
Cody is sooooooo cute! I love his cubby legs. Justin always teases me because I was truly afraid I couldn't love a boy as much as Ellie. Now I can't imagine life without him. Yesterday he turned 4 months old. We celebrated by putting him to bed early and then had a bbq with Joe and Ash and Brian and Jesse.

Below is a copy of his birth annoucement, I thought it turned out really cute. Click on it so you can see his funny expressions.