Sunday, June 17, 2007

my hubby

Why I love Just:

1. He always tells me I'm his best friend
2. He loves to take Ellie to 7-peaks by himself (I just realized it's probably because of all the smiles he gets from the girls, hummm).
3. He does lots of laundry and feels bad for me that there is always so many dirty clothes.
4. He supports all my over-the-top amitions.
5. He is always more than willing to babysit so I can go biking, running or whatever. He knows I will be in a great mood when I get home.
6. He doesn't want to regret not spending time with his family later, so he is makes sure we make lots of family memories now!
7. He likes shopping more than I do.
8. He is soooo creative.
9. He can fix anything. He can build anything.
10. He is dependable and good for his word.
11. He hugs and kisses me ALL the time. I act like I am annoyed but he knows I like it.

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