Tuesday, June 5, 2007


How does anyone think of things to say on a blog when they know everyone is going to read it? How embarassing.

We spent the weekend in Midway at Johnson's Mill. Super fun. We took Cody and paddled on the pond in the evening, ate dinner at Breadstix and watched an Alfred Hitchcok movie (well I did anyway - Just went to sleep as soon as he realized the movie was black and white). In the morning we bundled Cody up like a burrito and ran to the top of Memorial Hill. Midway so beautiful; someday I want to have a little cottage there.
Cody is sooooooo cute! I love his cubby legs. Justin always teases me because I was truly afraid I couldn't love a boy as much as Ellie. Now I can't imagine life without him. Yesterday he turned 4 months old. We celebrated by putting him to bed early and then had a bbq with Joe and Ash and Brian and Jesse.

Below is a copy of his birth annoucement, I thought it turned out really cute. Click on it so you can see his funny expressions.

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