Monday, March 31, 2008

one in - one out.

One of my favorite things to do is de-junk. Yesterday I was reading in Parade (Sunday's paper) about how Matt Lauer has a "one in-one out" rule. So if he buys a new shirt, he has get rid of one shirt. I have always done this too but I never had a name for it. Ask Justin how many times he's had to fish out cards, magzines, photos, clothes and "knick knacks" out of the garbage. He is pretty sentimental - I just want a clean house! So here's to getting rid of "stuff." Welcome to my garage sale! Just don't tell Justin I am doing this.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

moab half

a couple weekends ago some friends and i ran in the moab half marathon. despite only one long training run being of 8 miles i felt okay during the run but didn't run as fast as i thought i was. i finished in 1:57:00 and justin in 1:49:00. justin only ran maybe five times in preparation. what a goober. i hate boys.
heather, pete, emily, me and just
the last bus drops you off about an hour before the race. it was sooo cold and as we drove by this scene i had to laugh because it felt like we were on a tour bus looking out a the wildlife.

picture stolen from the race photographers website. we all teased justin mercilessly for running in his garments!

another stolen picture. looks like i am walking!

the next day we bikes amasa back, a.k.a. "awussa back." surpirsingly, i wasn't sore or tired from the race and loved every second - thank you Kara and John for letting us borrow your bikes! - I NEED an Enduro.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

i'm so excited!

we've been mooching off my in-laws living in "lew-tah" for long enough now... it's time to get our own place. we bought my parents home in orem - the one i grew up in - and have been remodeling it for the past month or so. two more weeks till it's done and i get to see if all these crazy things i've been buying really look good together. here's a sampling:


dining room light


painted bright blue

quartz countertops

wallpaper for the playroom downstairs

wallpaper for ellie's room - and cody's room too! sharing will be great fun i'm sure.

kitchen backsplash