Friday, April 25, 2008

eat and feel great

my friend alissa is starting a new blog with fresh, vegetarian recipies. i am really excited about it because i think that 99% of our ills today are caused by the foods we eat (more on this in another post). so here's to eating our veggies!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

the plan

so this is the plan, as illustrated to ellie for her bedtime story tonight. justin left this morning for Philly and we fly out on tuesday. he will be doing summer sales (APX alarms) for his business internship. i feel badly for him because this summer won't be too fun for him but i am really excited. i want to eat really fresh, try a lot of vegetarian meals, shop at farmers markets, serve in our new ward where i'm sure they need it, train for and participate in a couple triathalons and four other running races, swim at the pool, visit all the historic sites in philly, take ellie to great childrens museums, trips to New York and D.C. and attend the temples there, and visit the Amish country. those are all top priorities. think i can fit all that into four months? heck ya! i'm up for it. i LOVE to explore new places. if anyone knows places i should visit let me know.

p.s. ellie dictated the list above as things we need to get before we leave. its so wierd that she wanted dramamine for her and cody but who am i to deny them of this motion sickness medicine with the bonus side effect of "marked drowsiness." this plane ride is going to be cake.

update 5/5/08: the plane ride was not cake. it was hell. thank you cody, for helping me to build up my arm muscles by holding you and pacing the isle for 4 hours. i just kept telling myself, "i'd rather do this than drive, i'd rather do this than sale."

Sunday, April 13, 2008

cody kent

cody you are so scrumpitous! he can't/refuses to walk yet still manages to get whatever he wants. the past week i have kept my camera close because i keep finding cody in the funniest places. trying to get the yogurt

these pictures were taken after hearing cody whimpering downstairs. i wondered why he didn't just crawl upstairs and sent justin down to check on him. he was stuck in the loft of the playhouse. i wanted to figure out whether he made it up via the slide or the ladder, both of which are so steep they scare ellie. the ladder is actually inverted so our kids will be good climbers. cody made it up a good part of the slide before tipping backwards (sorry bud, i almost caught you!) but he crusised up the ladder.

maybe this is why my kids are never hungary when i try to feed them a real meal.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

sending out spring vibes

location: springville. i was transplanting tulips from a neighboring field into the yard of a fix-up we did. did you know i love springville?