Wednesday, April 23, 2008

the plan

so this is the plan, as illustrated to ellie for her bedtime story tonight. justin left this morning for Philly and we fly out on tuesday. he will be doing summer sales (APX alarms) for his business internship. i feel badly for him because this summer won't be too fun for him but i am really excited. i want to eat really fresh, try a lot of vegetarian meals, shop at farmers markets, serve in our new ward where i'm sure they need it, train for and participate in a couple triathalons and four other running races, swim at the pool, visit all the historic sites in philly, take ellie to great childrens museums, trips to New York and D.C. and attend the temples there, and visit the Amish country. those are all top priorities. think i can fit all that into four months? heck ya! i'm up for it. i LOVE to explore new places. if anyone knows places i should visit let me know.

p.s. ellie dictated the list above as things we need to get before we leave. its so wierd that she wanted dramamine for her and cody but who am i to deny them of this motion sickness medicine with the bonus side effect of "marked drowsiness." this plane ride is going to be cake.

update 5/5/08: the plane ride was not cake. it was hell. thank you cody, for helping me to build up my arm muscles by holding you and pacing the isle for 4 hours. i just kept telling myself, "i'd rather do this than drive, i'd rather do this than sale."


Tara said...

You guys are going to have a lot of fun. I really liked philly when me and kenny went. There is a lot of historical places to visit and it was really interesting. Have a safe trip and keep in touch.

Emily said...

Hey Courtney,
Long time not talkie! I hope you remember me. Kidding. I loved seeing your blog. Your family is adorable and you are such an artist! I feel all caught up and now I can let another 8 years go by with out having any contact! No, I need to stay in better touch. I'll have to get your email thought Michelle as I don't want to let the whole world know that info. Anyway, hope all is well. Talk to you soon, hopefully.

Real Life Roberts said...

Hey Court! I found you through some other old high school friend's blogs! It was fun getting caught up with you...wowo it's been a long time. Guess what, my little bro will be out in Philly selling with APEX too--Matthew Johnson, maybe you guys can make the connection. Have fun back there. Keep in touch! Check out our blog...