Friday, April 25, 2008

eat and feel great

my friend alissa is starting a new blog with fresh, vegetarian recipies. i am really excited about it because i think that 99% of our ills today are caused by the foods we eat (more on this in another post). so here's to eating our veggies!


Alissa said...

This looks amazing! I am going to post on the blog if that is ok and I am going to make it on sunday it looks so yummy! I am going to grow some wheat grass to and post it! I really want to feel good with all this good food in my body! you are what you eat right! I would rather look like an asparugus instead of a cookie or chip:)

Cammie said...

I am going to add your friends link...I love veggie recipes!
Ellie is so cute! That list is great...she is your daughter for sure! Good luck Tuesday!

The Starks said...

Hey its Chelsi. That looks good! Email me your email and I will add you to my invites.