Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thirty-two reasons why I love Springville

Springville is my favorite town. It's just so darn cute! It's small, unassuming, classy, artsy, but not snooty artsy. It has a great sense of community, amazing homes, good food, and it's clean. So here are my favorite spots in Springville. Be sure to click on the image to see in larger format. home in river bottoms 2.Blaynes Cycling (best tune-up around) 3.cute old home 4.Art City Trolley Restaruant (order the Real McCoy Salad) 5.Peir 49 Pizza (okay, so the pizza's not that great but the building is cool! 6.another old home (almost made an offer on this a year ago) 7.the future "Artichoke Lane." Road leads behind the high school where we want to do a development similar to Daybreak 8.BeAddicted Antiques 9.Christopher's Herb Shop (Ginger Cafe is yummo) 10.Mark Anthony Aveda Salon (my favorite place to get a haircut 11.Gary Price sculptures (his sculptures also line Main Street) 12.Springville Museum of Art 13.Wandering Wardrobe (used furniture and clothing) 14.1930's dream fix-up (I will buy this someday) 15.immaculate old mansion 16.Cowboy sculpture

17.Cornwagon Quilt Co. (stay tuned for pictures of my first quilt) now I know a good playground, and this one is awesome 19.medical offices 20.Finish Hardware Showroom (support the little guy, buy here!) 21.Funfinity (simply the best toys and games ever made) 22.another great home, all stucco - one of my mom's favorites 23.moose on the loose 24.Hobble Creek Golf Course 25.Yummys (old fashioned goodness) 26.Sage Creek Salon (my second favorite salon) 27.this is where we want Artichoke Lane development 28.Mapleton City Center (perfect sized library and home of Ellie's gymnastics class 29.Springville High School (go Devils!) 30. Hobble-Creek running trail 31.Ledgends Vintage Motorcycle 32. vancant land! and land with sheep, horses, llamas, cows, chickens, etc.

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Patricia said...

I loved seeing the picture of my store on your blog!

Patty, The Wandering Wardrobe