Wednesday, October 31, 2007

the oregon coast = lots of old people

Not that I have anything against old people. It's just that I never expected to go on the same vacation as them. And stay in the same timeshare, and workout with them in the mornings, and take pictures for them at lookout points, and eat with them at restaurants, and chat in the vistors centers. For five glorious days, we vacationed as the RVing, buffet loving, tourbus touring, denture wearing, retired generation do. If I ever go back to Oregon, I will either have gray hair and some super deluxe binoculars for whale watching, or a road bike to ride the Coastal Hwy. I really hope it's the road bike.

One of the highlights of the trip for me was a random stop at a fundraiser for the Neskowin Valley School. It's a private art centered school and reminds me of the Sundance School.

kids playing games at the school

inside the school where we ate yummy soup and hot chocolate

the coast, obviously. i was really surprised at how unpopulated the Oregon Coast was.

my little nubkin. we left ellie at home my mom, my aunt lisa and justin's mom- ellie loved it but i thought i was going to DIE of missing her by the fourth day.

this is as extreme as our trip got.

cabin on Cannon Beach that both Justin and I really liked. the window casings are red.

where we stayed the first two nights.

Ashley, Joe and Tanner at Silver Falls. A five mile hike took us to seven amazing waterfalls.


Jess said...

What a fun trip! We just went on a similar trip to Washington and the San Juan Islands. We were trying to decide between that and Oregon. Looks like we will have to do Oregon next time. Anyway, I got your blog off Tara and Rusty's. Its fun that all the extended family has blog's so now we can all keep in touch better. Our blog is:

Justin, we hope that your mom is doing well. We pray for her every day!


Lincoln City Restaurants said...

Love the Inn at Arch Rock and the Depo Bay area!
And that is such an adorable school!