Monday, October 22, 2007

One room down...

a rotating collection of art and pictures, aprons (so in right now), and a mini quilt.
the orange bins i bought at wal-mart when ellie was a baby - this yellow and orange room has been in the works for a while now.

wooden duck and magnet board from purchased at Swiss Days.
basket from a cute store in Heber.
ruler: from my mother in law jann - the dragonflys have little crystals on them.

rocking horse purchased last year at my favorite store in St. George, Urban Renewal. Bedskirt is from Dillards, it cost a whopping $3.50!

pillow:, 1960's quilt: antiques mall in Springville, rocking chair: stolen from Jann

stool: Target, frame: Wandering Wardrobe, light: Target

Lanterns: The Flower Basket Boutique, Bed: can't remember, I had to spray it white though.

Dresser: Made by my super husband and myself. When we decided to name Ellie, "Ellie Peach"
we wanted to make her a "peach" dresser. This is the style of our lingerie chest from High Country Home days.
Adirondack Chairs by Kent Nicol, my dad and owner of Garden Furniture Mill in Provo.
He gave these to me for Mother's Day. Rug is from Costco. Lemon pillow left over from High Country Home days as well when we were selling Oi Pillows.
front pillow: Ikea, Yellow rose pillow: Roberts Craft

Pics from Ellie's room, pretty much finished. Just imagine it with wood floors and white walls... maybe one wall yellow. So cheery!
Update: After showing this to my mom she had two genius ideas - so now imagine this room with cork floors and the wall behind the bed orange, or a really cool orange wallpaper. Pefect!


Michelle Hawkes said...

What a great and FABULOUS room. You have alway had such great style. I remember thinking that while during our summer of 98. Speaking of, can you believe it will be 10 years!! Again, this room you decorated is so dang cute. I wish I had you here to help design my new nursery. ;)

marta said...

so cute! i love those yellow accents and hanging lanterns. simply lovely.

Patty said...

Thanks for shopping at the Wandering Wardrobe!