Sunday, June 17, 2007

my dad

Just and I gave talks a few weeks ago in church. The subject was kindess and here is an exerpt from my talk:

My dad is an incredible example of someone who has shown kindness to his children. Although his expectations were clear when it came to hard work, making good use of time, and respect, he showed his kindness by listening to me without judging and by spending time with me – I can’t emphasis what an impact this has made in my life. Except for my mom, I knew he had no other friends, family or acquaintances that he would rather be with than me. We mountain biked, ran, skied, and camped together. We worked in the yards, washed the windows and cars together; and I helped sand, paint and route chairs parts in his small furniture business. Recently, we spent hours together fixing up an old house I bought. I have more pictures of him in my high school and college scrapbooks than any of my old boyfriends.
It seems that our time now-days is pulled from a thousand directions. I hope our children can know that they are at the top of the list when it comes to choosing where to spend our time. It’s probably the only thing you will not regret doing too much of. I am reminded of the old LDS television commercial which asks, “Isn’t it about time?”

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