Friday, August 10, 2007

More from California

More pics from our trip:

Sea World - not my favorite place to go but it was worth it because Ellie got splashed.

On our way to Sea World I noticed San Juan Capistrano was on the way. I recognized the town because Karl does a lot of paintings of this incredible mission there. We stopped and toured the grounds. You can read about it here.

Karl had me print this image for him - he is thinking of doing a 30x40" painting of it. He said he might get too dizzy from painting all the lilly pads.

Can you tell who took this photo by the angle?

We spent the day at Laguna which was nice because there was grass and a playground right by the beach. Cody loves to swing!

Cute bum!

Playing in the bugs life splash area for kids.
I love the way she is running.

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Kara said...

Super cute pictures! Disney is always a fun family trip. I love that you are a part of the blogging world! We fell out of it for awhile but finally posted today.