Monday, September 3, 2007

Office in a Closet

This probably sounds really strange but I have always wanted my office to be tucked into a closet. I first got the idea a few years ago when I saw it in a Better Homes & Gardens magazine:

I have loved the idea ever since. Well, my dream has come true. Now that we are living in Lew and Jann's basement apartment, the only place to fit my office was in a closet off the kitchen. I am seriously deliriously about this space. I would say its the first space since we have been married that really feels like me. Here it is:

I don't have room for my second monitor anymore but it's worth it. Hanging on the left door is my vision board, a ribbon board is above the monitor, favorite recipies in the green tin box, ribbon and notions in the baskets, all my favorite books, the perfect chair and a little bird to watch over me, perfect! I'll have to post some close-ups sometime.

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Cammie said...

That's it! Thanks! I love is one of the only things I want that can be mine. Not Derek's, not the kids', but mine alone.