Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Simple pleasures

Here's what has made me happy the last few weeks:

For Halloween my mom gave Ellie a bag with random crafty ingredients (this is so my mom, to think of something other than candy). Ellie now wants to have daily card making sessions which I love just as much as her - I try to let her make them herself, but I can't resist.

Hiking with our "backpack, backpack!" (sung to the Dora the Explorer backpack song). (Is "sung" a word?) This picture makes me teary-eyed because before I know it my best little friend will be starting school.

Gymnastics class. All I can say about this is "2,4,6,8, gymnastics is really great!"
My first quilt, for Cody. I'll get a better picture of it but this definately had to be in my "happy" post because I just love it and I LOVE having a baby boy! I also made a dolly quilt for Ellie with the scraps.


Kara said...

Court, that quilt is amazing! I made a much more simple quilt years ago. It would be fun to make a few more.

Rusty and Tara said...

Holy cow girl! You are the crafty queen! I wouldn't last one day in your house. But, I totally know what you mean about trying to let kids do their own projects, but then taking over anyway. I do that all the time to Halle and she is just getting to the point where she HATES when I do it! It's pretty funny.


Kami Banks said...

I love the whole card making thing. Brynn and Aubrey love having craft time.
I didn't know you made quilts. That is awesome. Kami