Saturday, January 5, 2008


here are a few pictures from throughout december. ellie and i had such a fun time doing christmas-y things.

grandma jann gave ellie this chair but really, what can compare to a pez dispenser?
cody at my parents checking out the presents

ellie dancing in her new dress ups from grandma nicol

our tree - we bought an artificial the day after christmas and i really loved not having a tree die within the first week!

ellie's tree decorated with ikea animals

i think ellie wasn't sure what with herself so she held up two fingers, i'm assuming to tell us that she is two.


my neighbor gifts

this tree is right outside our window - we had a blast watching some huge birds eat our treats each day.

i made over 150 of these cards signed by Karl and I for all my clients who have purchased paintings. i got several emails from people telling me how much they loved them.

we used this wrapping paper for all our presents this year.

ellie learned how to write her name about a month ago and she is obessed - pretty good huh? she talks herself through it by saying, "a line and a circle, a line, a line, a line with a dot, and a line with a circle!"

i made justin a scrapbook of high country home which was the highlight of my christmas - this business was our entire lives for the first five years of marriage and we have so many memories. justin loved it.

making a snowman on christmas eve at my parents

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Hudson Fam said...

That book looks awesome! Talia said she was going to try and work on that with you but with the baby coming it never happened. I look forward to browsing the pages one of these days. Definately interested in seeing how the last pages end up as well!