Wednesday, February 27, 2008

ok fine.

so i got tagged by my friend alissa (thanks sooo much). i've been procrastinating this post for a couple weeks but here it goes:

5 random/wierd things about me:

- my favorite treat is chocolate cake mix - straight out of the box. this is a result of my deprived childhood where the only treat in the house was powdered sugar. i'm not even sure why we had powdered sugar because nothing was ever made using it.
- i am an only child. i hated it growing up but now i love it - my kids will always be the favorite grandkids and justin the favorite son-in-law.
- i love talk radio
- i have to sleep with the blanket tucked under my feet because when i was three or four i swear i saw a ghost in my room that looked like brigham young and he touched my toe that was sticking out from the blanket.
- i am a closet hermit. i do my best to be social but i really really love to be by myself (which now means myself and my kids). a perfect day for me is getting up, cleaning the house, running with my kids in the jogger, taking a nap, shopping on the web (less human contact). no phones, no appointments, no contact with the outside world. is that wierd or what!

i one! this was pure torture.


matt and Alissa said...

That was not so bad! I am proud of you!

are you up for an ikea trip call me


Cammie said...

ha ha! Brigham Young touched you toe...that is too freaky! Closet Hermit? I am totally stealing that! I always referred to myself as a home-body, but your term is much more fun. I guess that is why we have mondoly social compadres.

Kara said...

This post was awesome! It was fun to get to know those few things about you. I hate feeling the need to pass things along, so I also thought it awesome you tagged no one.

Jess said...

Hey, good to see you tonight. I would have never guessed that you were a hermit.