Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I'm really not much of a shopper, especially with kids. Though I do love a good Target run. But there are a few stores here that we found that we just keep going back to. Rachel found us two fabric gold mines! One is a wholesale warehouse (supposedly the biggest outside LA or New York) where we have scored fabric for 99 cents/yard! The other is called City Craft and is the cutest boutique with tons of oil cloth and plastic covered cotton (not sure what the term for that is). A post with all my sewing projects will come soon.

We also keep finding ourselves at the NorthPark Mall in Dallas. My favorite thing is to just walk down the halls admiring the artwork and the amazing plants. I took the pictures of the kids in front of a smoothie shop covered in tile on the day we went to pick up Justin's new iPhone - his 125 account incentive. And I got his old phone!

P.S. Ellie does in fact, own more than one dress - somehow that same one keeps appearing on my blog!


Matt and Jessica Stevenson said...

we should have gone to the fabric store while i was there!

Cammie said...

Now you've found my piece of heaven. I should make it to Dallas one day just to go to that shop. If you see any oil-cloth screams "boy!" feel free to grab me some. Or 1/4 yards of 10 great tiny silly prints for an i-spy swap.
Thank you!