Sunday, August 29, 2010

family photos

A few weeks ago we had our friends Carolee and Britton over for Sunday dinner. We took them Cedar Hills, TX, the only town I found all summer with any sort of charm, to get some ice cream afterwards. Carolee has a degree in photography and with camera in hand she started taking some pictures of the kids eating ice cream. Twenty minutes later we had a photo shoot on our hands and these are a few of the really fun images she captured!






Matt and Jessica Stevenson said...

i like cody's tie:)

Caitlin and Mike said...


Melissa said...

These are great pictures! What a cute family! And when you do go private I want an invite:)

Erin said...

very cute. ellie's romper is the cutest.

Natalie said...

Those pics are gorgeous! You have the best style when it comes to yourself and your kids, always so cute!