Sunday, February 6, 2011

cody is 4!

My little squishy is getting less squishy every day...I don't like this growing up business one bit. It has been "taking foreber" for Cody's birthday to come, waiting an entire month after Ellie's has been tough. The week before his birthday we had an impromptu party since our friends Ethan and Molly were in town. It made for an easy party! Cody and I went to the party store together and he picked out a truck party. We got the cake at Costco and decorated it with his construction toys. After cake and opening presents we went to the playroom for some balloon popping and an obstacle course that I had to demonstrate in my pregnant state. I didn't do so well.

On Cody's actual birthday he opened his presents first thing. He actually chose them the day before. He got an upgraded Mack trailer and a Ford F150 like dad's that pulls a trailer with a motorcycle and 4-wheeler. We searched all over town for a "digger that has two sides." It's something he's obsessed with getting and we just can't find it. I assume he's thinking of a truck with a crane and a claw type thing? If anyone know's where to get one let me know! Some neighbor friends Beau and Noah came over before preschool to play for a little while and Justin took the kids that night to Provo Beach and they had a blast while I did some much needed homework.

Love you little squishy!


Natalie said...

Love Cody's cake, so cute! Happy Birthday!

Matt and Jessica Stevenson said...

thank goodness for a new squishy coming out of the oven soon.

emily said...

You should be Ethan's mom. He loves to draw obstacle courses and make them. I never thought to do a real-life one.

Post some more.