Tuesday, September 20, 2011

vivint + powell = powell done right

The week Justin got home from his extension in Ohio, his region hosted the annual Lake Powell trip. We had a dillema though. Wives were invited, kids weren't. But after being away from Just for over a month and he not seeing his baby girl for that long - we decided TayTay was more of an appendage of me than a "kid" and so she went and we got forgiveness later. We had the entire roof of the houseboat to ourselves and she slept better than at home, sleeping through the dj's music blasting till all hours, fireworks, and general mayhem. There were 5 houseboats, 3 chefs, volleyball, a blob (aka a launching pad for ppl who don't value their lives), numerous boats (including ours), and just a lot of crazy people. Thanks Mealeys, that was a much needed break after the long summer!


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Matt and Jessica Stevenson said...

can't wait till next year's trip...it will be even more extravagant!