Sunday, February 5, 2012

5 years old!

in the tent at capital reef last october

Cody turned 5 yesterday! I was in St. George with 10 girls (friends and family) but I think he had more fun without me anyway. He told me on the phone that being five feels "like I'm in 1st grade". Today when I got back in town he showed me how he is much bigger and looks older and is much smarter.
Cody is not self entertaining in the slightest, and sometimes that can cause some tension between us - I'm trying to be more engaging with him. He just eats up my attention. He's so cute and loves to snuggle me and suck his finger (still loves his lambie/tag!). He loves know how things work, which means transformers are his toy of choice. He also loves everything construction. I don't think there is anything cuter than when he gets his tool belt and work gloves on and helps dad build the house.
He's also very proud of the fact that he is the green smoothie drinker. Sometimes I make them so potent I have a hard time downing them, but he'll drink the whole thing happily. Which is such a relief because he doesn't want anything to do with salads or most of the other things I make.
Yesterday Grandpa Nicol took he and Ellie to breakfast and to have a little party at Great Grandma Nicols. Grandma Bagley and Lisa came to see him and gave him a jar of money and Gramdpa Miller made his birthday stop (he never misses anyone's birthday). Justin took him to buy a skateboard after working at the house. Tuesday will be his bounce-house birthday party, which he will love! Love your cute little face Cody! Happy Birthday!


Cammie said...

Happy 5th!!! Wow. Love that he loves a green smoothie.

Matt and Jessica Stevenson said...

he's so cute! walker will drink any green smoothie i give him too!! kelty drinks it as a punishment

Matt and Jessica Stevenson said...
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