Saturday, May 12, 2012

ashley's business cards

Ashley also had me design a business card and logo for her biz. We went out on a limb on this one, adding in a couple accounting jokes. The concept behind this card is kind of a woodcut print, with a vintage scale illustrating her name, Perfect Balance. What do you think of this card? It's quite a stretch for Ashley, who is very conservative, but I think it adds some memorable humor to the stereotypical boring accountant. The back is similar to Brittany's, but with a general ledger (client: Rusty Busty - such financially responsible babies!). Photobucket Photobucket If the print is too small to read, the jokes say, "Eveyone stay calm, I'm an accountant" and "10/9 accountants can't count".

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Matt and Jessica Stevenson said...

i must be really in the dark ashley doing her own little business thing now?