Saturday, December 1, 2012

around the house

December brings lots of fun, and stress. I am pretty good at keeping Christmas simple, but finals make it extra busy. This was our first Christmas in our new home and of course Taylor makes it extra fun. Tia Lisa gave them this advent calendar which they loved.
This is my only photo from primary. When our ward split in August I got called to be 1st councelor in the Primary. Within 9 months our ward had to split again (I'm writing this in July, 2013), and I was released. It was a fun calling and I loved being in there with Cody and Ellie. I also got to plan the sacrament meeting program and we were so lucky to have the two best singing leaders Beth Black and Dave Osmond. I dare say it was the best program in primary history. ;)
Of course I love when big sis or big brother takes care of little sis. And I want to remember her mobile. One little paper cloud. I love it. I blow on it every time she goes to sleep and she reminds me to do it if I forget. Also that painting of the tornado I did when I was at UVU in 2000. I came across it last year and was so excited as Taylor was born of the night of the big Tornado in Knoxville.
They love movies, ugh.
A few photos from finals week.
Jann is so thoughtful, I got this on my doorstep, I finals survival kit. She's the best.
Taylor coming with me to UVU to print. She's getting so cute.
One of my final projects, a re-brand.
Tay helping me mop the floor. Mopping is my favorite chore. I love the smell of pine-sol. Laundry my least favorite.
A new Christmas decoration from my favorite store, Alice Lane.
Skiing Brighton with my friend Alissa. Now this is what I call a girls day out!

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