Saturday, February 20, 2010


Chichen Itza

I'm tired of trying to figure out my mac and photos - I thought it was supposed to be easier. I only have patience to load one photo - but the trip sure was fun!


Erin said...

I hate macs, and I've used them a lot. They are confusing. Was that APX Cancun? Jason and I actually forgot about it!!!!! Things are so crazy right now.

Cammie said...

Oh! Posting photos with a Mac is the worst part. You pretty much have to load everything to Flickr and then copy the link address, in the size of the pic you want, and past it as a URL. I hated it for months. Now it's not too bad and I have free storage of all my pictures off of my computer. You can only access the latest 200, but they keep all of them.
That's a nice picture. If you want me to swing by w/out kids on Monday and show you quick I will. I'm dropping my car off to be worked on at the dealership near you.
Let me know if you do.