Wednesday, June 2, 2010

dallas arboretum

A couple weeks ago I took the kids to some gardens near downtown. They were more formal than our favorite gardens, Winterthur, in PA, but still a lot of fun. I took them alone knowing that things might not end well as they had both been out of sorts - throwing tantrums, whining a lot, etc. Sure enough, we made it about half-way things started to unravel. First about who got to pull the wagon, then about the heat, then about wanting candy. Then about wanting to smell a Magnolia flower even though I said the flower bites off crying children's noses. For the love! Ellie has been much better and I think Cody just needs some good discipline - that kids gets away with everything.

They had Betrix Potter as the theme in the Children's area. Homes made out of flowers for the characters and this little house was Mr. McGregor's cottage. You can see Peter's coat that Mr. McGregor made into a scarecrow. Very cute. They did a puppet show in the back.

This waterfall reminds me of UVU's architecture - inspired by Bauhaus design (ha! I did learn something in school!). And Ellie is holding a chocolate carrot sent to us by Grandma Jannie - a treat we appropriately ate at Peter Rabbits house.


DeGrey Family said...

I'm so sad that I can't figure out how to view your pictures. I love seeing your adventures you have in the summer's. Since I never go anywhere!?! Sounds like a nice place. Kids can be CRAZY sometimes.

Alissa said...

so cute i love it! you always fine the great places! you are such a good mom! sometimes it is hard to discipline such cute little boys. Taj gets a way with a lot more than the girls!

Caitlin and Mike said...

Just have to tell you, that Ellie's primary teacher read her precious testimony she wrote, in sacrament (testimony) meeting today. Ellie is one cute/ smart little girl!

Matt and Jessica Stevenson said...

I have been searching for a cute little garden like that in houston...but i have not yet found it:( your pictures are adorable of the kiddies.
And yes matt would be way to excited to hear that someone noticed his muscles.