Thursday, June 14, 2012

la nay ferme

I was so excited to learn about La Nay Ferme this week. I was bummed that Jacobs Cove was no longer here and even more bummed that a community that professes to eat "wisely" also can't support even one CSA. The farm is located by East Lawn Cemetary (better soil up there, maybe? bad joke. :0) in Provo. They've got partner gifts each week from local businesses and a local restaurant includes a dressing as well. Something I've never seen before in a CSA and I think it's rad. And hello? Edible flowers? YES PLEASE. They will also be doing Farm to Table dinners there this summer which I can't wait to try. Check it out and join!

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Cammie said...

I LOVE that you shared this! We're thrilled to join. Yummy!