Thursday, June 14, 2012

little bunny tay tay

My little bunny Tay Tay turned 1 on April 27. She is our world the last year. We all love her so much. Cody says he doesn't know what to do because he want to eat her. I know how he feels, I just want to roll her in a ball and put her back in my tummy, because I can't get close enough to her. Every morning Justin gets her out of her crib (sometimes before she wakes up) and brings her in our bed with all of us. She crawls over us, sits (or stands) on our faces, steals our phones, kisses us and makes us laugh. The night of her birthday a huge windstorm came through, knocking over trees - very fitting for our "Tay Tay Tornado">. Taylor had two parties, this one was for my family, and the one with cousin Rusty is forthcoming. The theme of the party was, "Use whatever I have on hand" and it worked out pretty well! Photobucket This wall paper has been traveling around with us for 4 years, for now it served as the photobooth backdrop. Photobucket Party favors were flowers wrapped in burlap. The poster in from the Knoxville where Tay was born. Photobucket Instagram photos and my kitchen-aid with pansies. Photobucket Photobucket

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Matt and Jessica Stevenson said...

i wish i could have come... love you sweet tay tay