Sunday, July 1, 2007

flip that house

Justin will be first to tell you that HGTV is my all time favorite channel. Divine Design is the best show, the one I TIVO every week. All the other shows pale in comparison but Flip That House is pretty good too. Last spring I did my own flip. I bought a little house in Provo (775 W. 800 N.) sight unseen. I found it on the MLS and the deadline to bid was that night. It was crazy! I came home the next day and told Justin I had bought a house. Anyway, I think I bought the house in May, got pregnant and sick in June, and didn't even finish remodeling until December. In fact, I just remembered that the day I brought Cody home from the hospital the escrow officer was waiting for me in front of my house so I could sign the closing docs. I don't plan on doing anything like again anytime soon but it made for some awesome memories. My dad helped me a ton as well as Justin of course but the best part about it was just doing something that seemed so unreachable and learning so much. Here are a few before and afters:

living room.

master bath. added a tub to where the w/d used to be.

the funny part about the kitchen is once the fridge is in place and you open the door your backside runs into the stove. a pretty heavy set couple (fat) came through the home and the woman actually couldn't open the fridge all the way beause she was jammed between the fridge door and the stove. needless to say they didn't make an offer. i think a little mexican family ended up buying it.
second bathroom. this was a nightmare, the tub was cast iron and we had to pull it out through a hole we made in the adjacent bedroom. we also moved the w/d hookup acroos the entire home and put it in this bathroom where some cabinets were.

we ripped a huge dead tree out of the front yard, painted the brick because the last owners splatterd white paint all over it, painted the trim, planted flowers, put in a vinyl fence and re-seeded the lawn.

one of two kids bedrooms. i like the closets.

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