Thursday, July 5, 2007

fourth of july

i love having kids because it gives you an excuse to do things you wouldn't normally do by yourself. for instance, justin can go to seven peaks all he wants as long has he has ellie or cody with him (this is a joke on justin because i think it's so weird that he likes seven peaks so much).

we had a blast this year. justin took ellie to see the hot air balloons early tuesday morning in her pj's. she loved the pig balloon and the yellow balloon the best. wednesday morning justin and i got up and ran in the 10k "fun" run. i got a little frustrated because it was all justin could do to go slow enough for me to keep up and he never ever runs. he tried to make me feel better by telling me, "it's just genetics, court - sorry." i think we ran it in about 55 min. After the run we went back home and got the kids and went to the parade. we have started this tradition that we put the kids in the burley and ride our bikes down the parade route until we find a spot to watch it. it makes it way easy to get around with all the traffic and you can park far away and but still get out quick. we took naps in the afternoon and the went to the Bankheads annual fourth of july pool party which is always fun. ellie is turning into a little fish - i keep waiting for her blonde hair to turn green from all the clorine.

i like this picture because cody is always at the mercy of ellie. it's just so funny to watch what cody has to put up with being the little brother. and it's funny that his head really is as big as ellies.

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