Sunday, July 1, 2007

i tube! i'm a tuber!

Untill this weekend, I have always been a little "anti-boating." I just never grew up boating and it always seemed like such a money pit and time sucker....which it is. Running, biking, climbing and even skiing are ten times cheaper more fun to me, but now that I have kids, and now that we have a boat - I realize what a perfect family activity it is. There really aren't that many activites that an entire family can do together and all have fun. And it's even harder to find things to do with other familes. Last weekend Justin's sister Brittany approached us to go in on a boat with her and Justin's other sister Ashley. We debated for about 15 minutes before saying yes. I am still a little gut-sick about how freakin expensive boats are not just to buy but to maintain. Oh well. Here are some pics from the first day on the lake. Ellie loves tubing. She says, "I'm a tuber!" She also loves jumping off the platform to me over and over and over.... She didn't like the water until I told her there were fishies in the water too, then she loved it. As we were coming in to the dock yesterday she saw a sailboat and said, "Look, a castle boat!"

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