Tuesday, May 6, 2008

one week down...

we are starting to get into a routine here (which includes naps from 5-7 pm and bedtimes at 10!) our lives day to day are quite a bit different than when justin was in school but i really like it so far. we get up around 7:30 and eat breakfast then do something fun as a family like running with the burley, going to the clubhouse gym - cody and ellie love to lift the 5 pounders, and exploring cool places where we live), we come home around 11:30, eat lunch, read scriptures and Justin is out the door by 12:30 and home at 10:30ish. i spend the rest of my day with the kids at parks, shopping, taking naps (love taking a nap next to ellie), running, etc. the biggest change is that i make dinner EVERY NIGHT! that really is CRAZY! but i love it. it's my way of showing justin the i appreciate his hard work. we eat around 10:00 and justin and i are in bed by 12:00. so different from my 10 o'clock bedtime in utah and up by 6:00 and at the gym, then i'd come home and clean the house for freaking the rest of the day! what was i thinking? being busy must be making us take advantage of our free time better.

we are right by some beautiful country, and some beautiful shopping! our apartments are very nice, except that everyone here has a dog and i just can't believe that people are actually willing to take their dogs outside to poop and then pick it up with their baggedhand! disgusting! i can't let the kids onto the grass because every square inch has been pooped on at some point. i feel like taking cody outside and letting him poo on the grass and see how the neighbors feel about it. dogs are pretty smart - i think they should be able to be potty trained. if a two-year-old can do it, then a dog should be able to too. oh, and it's just so sweet and cute when cody goes onto the deck and plays in the drool of the dog on the deck above us, little dog hairs floating like blossoms down around him. wow, i feel so much better now. sorry to all you dog lovers, but i just ain't one of them.

anyway, here are some random pics of where we live. the township is called Chadds Ford and we are about 30 seconds away from Delaware. we also spent last sunday in new york with Rabab and Marco (walking behind me in the pic below). Marco has helped Justin and Joe with our remodels and i think he is the only person that has actually met and/or exceeded Justin's "standards of excellence in framing and general common building sense." his wife, Rabab is selling this summer is is doing awesome!

we felt like celebrities with this stroller. it's no big thang in utah - burley is synonymous with green jellow and mini-van. but everyone in new york couldn't get enough of it.

my little finger-suckers

i ran out of daylight so these aren't great pictures but this is one of the prettiest roads i've seen and it's right out our back door. i've run down it 3 times and driven it at least 5 already.

cute little deer with fluffy white tails - i'll get more photos of this road soon.

bubble tape, check. "dressed like a princess," check. goggles, check.

view from our apartment

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Alissa said...

Looks so pretty and sounds like so much fun I can't wait to come and visit