Saturday, February 7, 2009

cody is two cute!

Feb. 4 was little Code's birthday. I didn't plan anything...we kind of wanted to take the kids skiing but then Justin got a side job framing so we postponed. At the last minute I called up Emily and her kids to meet us at Jump On It. It was pretty fun and next time I may have to join the "extreme mom aerobic jumping class" they have. Seriously, they really have that. It actually looks kind of fun.



After, I found out my dad and uncle Karl were at Ripples eating lunch so we met up with them. All in all, a pretty great day for a 2 year old!



Cody's loves:
Telling me to "Get" things; Get Ball, Get Toast, Get BaBa, Get Shoes, etc.
Playing basketball.
Sucking on his finger.
His lambie and duck.
Exploring outside while holding either a toy broom or a ski pole so that he can stick things.
Trying on his sister's shoes, especially her pink and purple moon boots.
The book, There's a Mouse About the House.

And here is a cute little clip of Cody's latest success. I have been trying to teach him how to climb out of his crib for a week or so, and on this morning Ellie was a sweetie and helped him. Now, instead of having to get up at the crack of dawn (8:00 am), get Cody out of his crib, and climb back into bed (so hard!), he can get himself out and I can finish my 10 hrs of sleepy time. Haha, no I don't always sleep in like that, just some/most days - it's just so dark and cold out there!


Cammie said...

That is such a great video. Must admit, Ellie's hair is my favorite part. Oh, and the part about sleeping in. Yummy.

Erin said...

I've never heard of that place. Too bad I shouldn't be jumping on tramps. Levi would love it. Ellie must be really responsible to put her in charge of Cody. Maybe it's because she's a girl, but I'm not sure I'd ever trust Levi to watch our little girl (even in a couple years). Ha ha. You're lucky you can do that.

Brennon and Lindsey said...

Hey you! I love that video, so classic!

Amanda said...

I just caught up on your last few entries. You are so good at keeping this updated. I am soooooo behind and it's kinda sad to think about sometimes. Anyway, loved the video, Beau still hasn't mastered that one. Justin's party looked fun I'm sad we couldn't make it we had tickets to the Jazz game that night. I love that song of the video you put on here, it's a keeper. I'll be listening to that over and over again tonight while I'm editing. lets get together again soon!

heidi said...

Hi, Courtney. The pattern was from spool sewing. They have some pretty cool stuff. The fabric is non other than the amazing Amy Butler, but I can't remember the particular line. You will have to post pictures of your Valentines birds. I bet they will be so cute. I love how creative you are!

whit said...
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whit said...

I left this post on an old post of yours, I didn't realize.

hello, this is going to be an odd question. You have the only picture of the white anthropologie lampshade with the birds on it that I can find. Do you still have it and maybe the style number? or could you tell me from which store you got it? thank you very much, sorry for the odd request.