Sunday, February 1, 2009

nitsuj turns 30

So for Justin's 30th birthday I asked him if he wanted to go skiing or have a party. His answer illustrates the biggest way we are different. He wanted a party. I would have chosen skiing, to a remote yurt in Montana, where the nearest person is 100 miles away. I'm glad we differ in this way, because we keep eachother balanced, but the social/antisocial battle occurs almost daily.


This was the 5th of 6 Panini Parties we have had since Christmas. We love it! It makes hosting so easy for me because I don't worry about whether the food will turn out. We just set up a bar with yummy ciabatta bread, cheeses, grilled chicken, pesto, sundried tomatoes, spinach, humus, onion, avocado, mustard, etc. Everyone makes up their own sandwich and grills it in the press (really just a glorified George Forman).

Clockwise from left: Sam, Megan, Ashley, Dustin, Jess, Johnny, Kara

Clockwise from left: Matt, Alice, Justin, Randy, Jesse, Unbi, Britton

Will and Rachel. They live below us and make the BEST sugar cookies EVER! I tell them to pay rent with cookies but they don't believe me. They made Justin a mountain biker out of cookies - it was a hit!

Brit, Ellie and Brett

Thanks for coming also Ryan and Mandy, and Tim and Liz - tragically, there are no pictures of them. :( After the movie we went to the movie Valkyrie with Ryan and Mandy - it was really good. My mom and dad had a sleepover with the kids and the next morning we went over there and had breakfast. Happy Birthday lover!

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Brennon and Lindsey said...

happy birthday to Justin! Looks like you guys had a fun party! Wow we are getting old huh? I can't believe Justin is 30 and I am almost there. You guys are awesome, we love ya!