Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ellie, if you don't stop whimpering we're going to throw away all your toys. say CHEESE!

I need to get something new up here, I'm too sick of looking at that peanut buttery laptop! Here are the family photos we ended up with the week before we left to New Jersey. We are here now by the way, and love it so far. Many thanks to Brit for taking these!



Wow, a photo of just me, with my hair done! I think this is the only pic I have like this in all our 200,000 photos.


Alissa said...

i love your hair it is cute! did you use the straightner?

Cammie said...

Fun family pics. You all are so cute! I mean to say, you and Ellie are cute, Cody and Just are handsome.
Enjoy that ocean and the beach and the window that looks at the beach.

Erin said...

You look so cute always - hair done or not, like a babe.

Tara said...

New Jersey! You guys just have one adventure after another! And your family is so darn adorable!

Natalie said...

Those pictures are amazing! You all look so good!