Tuesday, May 11, 2010

mother's day

My goal for Mother's Day was to get somewhere where Justin wouldn't have cell service. His phone rings and gets texts continuously usually until midnight and starts again around 8 am. Makes for great dinnertime conversation. The thing I miss the most about our summers is not being able to have a fire and go camping. We just don't have room in our car for all the equipment. There there is a neat state park just a few miles away so I decided we would "pretend camp". We found an awesome site and made tin foil dinners, hiked and explored, picked wildflowers and took naps (or tried to) on our bed. The campgrounds here are missing one thing that Utah campgrounds have, dirt. Makes for very clean camping.





DeGrey Family said...

Sounds like clean camping was a hit. Those wild flowers are Beautiful! Hope you enjoy Texas.

Amanda said...

Texas is hot and humid. Hopefully you don't have natural curl in your hair or that's how it will always be. I just spent a few minutes looking at your blog. It's been a while since I've checked in on you on here.
Anyway, I love all your pictures you've been shooting. How fun for you, the orchard ones are great! You're so good at taking everyday pics of your kids, I need to be better. Nice use of "sun flare" on some of your pics. miss ya, chat soon

justin said...

I love that my wife loves her kids soooo much!! I love u hunny

Matt and Jessica Stevenson said...

Those flowers are pretty:) So it sounds like you are having success with your garage selling...there are so many mexicans that live by me that all the garage sales are so picked over and swarmed with people that it is not even fun to go! Which stinks cause i was so looking forward to good garage sale finds.

Kelly and Nate said...

Pretty flowers. You take really great pictures! Love your style. Texas would be fun. Nate wants to take me there soon. Thinks he might want to settle down there; Dallas area where he grew up.