Sunday, May 9, 2010

road trip

Driving to Texas with my dad was a great chance to spend some time together. We took the scenic route through Taos, and who knows where else. Up and over mountain passes covered in feet of snow, small towns tucked in green valleys - it really was worth the extra few hours. I'm sure my dad's head was ringing my the end of the first night - you have to build up a tolerance to the sounds of kids, the never ending sounds of kids. It was such a help to have him there and who wouldn't have fun sleeping next to Cody and his squishy legs?



Above: Stop at the sand dune in Moab, pretty scenery, Taos, Joe Pool Lake near our apartment. Ellie is showing me "Where the Sidewalk Ends."

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Cammie said...

That's so fun! How nice for you and the kids that your dad went with you.
Those pics of Ellie (above) are so cute! I especially like the one of the kiss. I have pics of my kids giving each other a kiss, not as cute with 2 boys. Ha!