Tuesday, May 11, 2010

our first week!

Cucumbers at the Dallas Farmers Market in downtown.

So far so good! I think there will be a lot to keep us entertained here in good ol' Texas. Now if the wind would just take a chill pill I could go one of my many road bike rides I have planned. The kid count is small this year, only 6 kids and Ellie is the oldest, then Cody and another 3-year old Emily (her family lives in our basement in Orem so they are already great friends), and three 10 month olds, 2 of which are twins. I also just figured out that I can get fast internet at the pool! It's so nice this year to have kids that don't have to be held and followed all the time at the pool. We already found Cody a bike at a garage sale and two huge dump trucks and an F-150 - Cody is in heavy equipment heaven.


At Joe Pool lake. The water is warm and shallow.

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