Tuesday, September 28, 2010

don't forget cody!


Cody started preschool three times a week (though he usually only makes it twice due to our poor commitment skills). I love to walk with him there and back so I can listen to him talk talk talk about the funniest things. He usually brings the dolly stroller on our walks and pushes it to school which is pretty funny. He also insists on taking the stroller to take Ellie to the bus stop and walk the neighbor girl home. So far I'm not sure he's learned a thing! But he seems to be having fun and it's been a good time to do homework while the kids are gone. In the first picture he's showing me the 3 on his shirt that means he is 3.


lramey said...

your kids are so freaking delicious!!! so cute!!! ah- angie's preschool! love it!!!!

Matt and Jessica Stevenson said...

where did you get the backpack??? did you make it? you need blog your cute sewing projects so that i can be inspired!