Wednesday, September 15, 2010


My most dreaded day has come and gone! I was very nervous that I would be an emotional mess, especially not having Justin in town to see her off on her first day. But it all happened so fast and Ellie was so excited and happy I couldn't help but be happy for her. She is loving the bus, making friends, and comes home singing new songs everyday. Afternoon session has worked out well so that I can go to school in the morning while Justin is still home, and then I can come home, get her off to school and go back to another class and get home in time to get her off the bus. I don't think she has figured out yet that I am in school which is good because she really didn't like the idea that I was leaving her to go to school last semester.

Morning breakfast in cute dishes and a crown that says "5 1/2", a very important age. Hugging Cody good-bye. He said "Ellie is taking forever." Now that he has started pre-school he is okay about her leaving.

We went to see my mom at UVU before school. Cody looking at Ellie's bus at the stop light. We put her on the bus, then raced the bus to school to help her get off and get to class. Waiting with Sierra, her primary friend that I am so glad is in her class too.

Cute girl - I just love love love her so much! Her poster is full of drawings, friends (Molly), and she even had me scan her blankie - probably her most prized possession. And she gets to ride a few block with Courage (he's in the morning session) before he gets dropped off.


Natalie said...

So exciting! She looks so cute on her first day!

Cammie said...

How did this happen! Ellie is in Kindergarten. I love her first ay of school sandals.

DeGrey Family said...

She is so cute. Love the poster. They grow up WAY too fast!

justin said...

Oh they're so cute! I want to give Ellie a big kiss.