Sunday, November 21, 2010


These are my sewings, or "zo-ings" as Ellie calls them, from this summer. The humid heat kept us inside lots of afternoons waiting for the building to cast a shadow over the pool so we could bear to go swimming. So...some crafting kept us busy.

1-This dress was a sundress I got for me at Target for like $5 I think. It was a little small and I never wore it so I took some fabric out of the middle and added runching to the bodice so it would be tight enough for Ellie's little body. She LOVES this dress and still wears it all the time. 2-I want to make a ton of these little jumpsuits in different stripes. I think they are so cute. The picture cuts off the bottom a little but they are just shorts, and please notice the little purple silk tag at the side! I added some ties to the top later as it was slipping down all the time - ooopsy!

1-A little elephant that matched their room perfectly! And "Our family" by Ellie. 2-The kids drew all kinds of things on muslin and then cut around them and I sewed them into little pillows. We had an entire fleet of dragons, too.

Rachel figured out how to make these necklaces, well that and just about everything else I made. You basically make a long tube of fabric and fill them with marbles, tying a knot between each one. We had Jared's kids over one night and they all made some.

My favorite, and most difficult project was making a backpack for Ellie. Ellie picked out the fabric and it was love at first sight. She wanted the hearts so that "I will remember you love me when I am at school". I will die if she ever looses it.

I made Cody a backpack too before Ellie's as a practice backpack. Haha. He loves it too. I've since added two yellow race car patches to it. And the shirt I made a long time ago but thought I'd throw in a picture.


Heather said...

What cute projects. I am so impressed with the backpack. You are quite the seamstress.

Cammie said...

Cute! Sewing for little girls, how fun!

Matt and Jessica Stevenson said...

think you'll be up for sewing this summer?? i want to make a backpack too!

Natalie said...

You've made the cutest stuff! i love Elle's little outfits!

Whitney Renee said...

Hey I was reading through my comments and i don't think I ever answered the one you put in ny page. The link is on the top of the page right below our family picture. You creations are awesome.....totally cute!