Sunday, June 5, 2011

1 min and 45 seconds of fame

We have a friend, Jeanette Jolly, that we met on the set of Extreme Home Makeover six years ago. She was a producer on the show and through Facebook we've kept in touch. She now is a free lance producer living in Nashville and was assigned to film the footage for a Red Cross fundraiser to be aired on CMT for the tornado victims. She had seen our FB updates the night we had Taylor which was also the night of all the huge tornadoes that ripped across Alabama and the surrounding states, including Tennessee. She called us on Mother's Day and asked if they could come film our new little addition the next day and have us talk about having a baby during the storm. Then they put together a cute little clip about us being in the hospital with no power (the generators were on) and watching the tornadoes come towards us on the TV. They wanted to show good things were still happening during so much destruction. Ellie and Cody were on holding and feeding Tay. It will be so fun to have (if we can figure out how to get it off DVR) as part of Taylor's birth story.


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