Sunday, August 7, 2011

nashville temple

The first weekend in August we made a little trip out of ward temple day in Nashville. Friday we took off and drove 2 hours to a great little water park. It was the coldest day of the year (of course), but it turned out to be a good thing since the rainstorm cleared out the crowds. The kids loved it (waiting for Jess to post so I can steal pics of the water park, hint hint). After, we drove to our glorious hotel rooms, crashed, and the next morning got all the kids ready in church clothes and went to the Stake Center for ward prayer at 9:00.

Cute side story: That morning I was riding down the elevator with my kids and Kelty. A woman slipped in with us. Here I am, with a baby, a 6 year old, and what looks to the woman like 4 year old twins. The kids were un-characteristically well behaved and Kelty asked the woman, "Are you going to breakfast? We are." She replied no, that she was going to get coffee. I held my breath hoping Kelty wouldn't say something about coffee being bad - she is super outspoken. She didn't, whew. But she did say, "We are going to the temple!" The woman smiled at her. Awkward moment. In the bistro, the kids quietly found a place to sit together while I ordered (again, very unlike them - ever). As the woman left she said to me, "Your children are amazing!" I let her think they were all mine, haha. Maybe a seed planted? Who knows.


At the stake center, which is in the same parking lot as the temple, the kids had crafts and pictures taken and were looked after by the Young Men/Young Women. Our ward is notorious for getting almost the whole ward to Temple Day each year, every primary kid was there. It was quite humbling to see how excited the ward was to go, and what a big deal they made out of it. Walker smashed his finger in a door while we were in the session. There are six doctors in the ward but they were all in the same session as us. Luckily, the temple president was also a doctor so he was called over to look at it. It was broken but there was nothing they could do about it. Poor guy. We skipped our plans of seeing downtown Nashville and headed home, which was probably a good thing anyway because I was exhausted by the time we got home.


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