Thursday, June 12, 2008

can't help myself

Well, I thought I could restrain myself and just be happy with letting Cody and Ellie have a boring room...but it was just so boring! And last week I woke up in this half dreaming/half asleep phase at 5:00 am with visions of how I could decorate their room running through my brain. This 5:00 am creative moment is not uncommon for me, I love it when it happens because I'm awake but it's like my more creative sub-conscious is telling me what to do and I can remember it later on - weird. Anyway, so part of my "dream" was that I wanted to find some old figurine lamps and modernize them - it's kind of a new trend I've seen around. So at 8:00 that morning I get up and head over to the Goodwill and holy crap there are two figurine lamps right there, a boy and a girl holding puppies and kittens! It could not have been more perfect. They were an antique gold before and I just spray painted them. Have you read The Secret? If you have then here is a great testimonial to that book, I surely was sending out some lamp vibes to the universe that day.

Pillows and comfortor are from Target, birds from Michaels, and branches from the shores of the Brandywine River (bugs included).


We've been getting some cute things in the mail so I got this board to hold it all.


This is what the lamps looked like when I bought them.

So the lampshade sent me a touch over budget. It's from Anthropologie, with whom I have love/hate relationship. I will probably take it back, there's no way it will fit in our car on the way home, but it was just too perfect so I had to use it for the pictures at least.

I love making these Mobiles! Yesterday I had Jess and Erin over and we made more, they turned out really cute, but my pictures of them are blurry - sad.
Also I should note that the dresser and nightstand were already here, the apartment came furnished.


Erin said...

I LOVE IT! (Obviously, since I blogged about it, too!)

Niels and Kayla said...

can i just say "Creative" and very Cute!!

Real Life Roberts said...

You are way too creative and artistic! I have the same relationship with Anthro too! aHHH...especially on a medical student budget!

Kara said...

It's so fun to see what adventures you guys are finding. I love the "pick your own berries" idea.

Jess said...

I love your style. You are really talented!