Friday, June 27, 2008

"pennsylvania landscape" 12" x 15" fingers on paper

Yes I know I'm biased, but this little finger painting of Cody's is awesome! Do you see the rolling hills and the wind blowing up grass and filling the air? Well I do and the colors are great. Brittany Scott - can you please critique? hahaa.

Erin put together this latest crafty night - thanks, we loved it!

Jess and her sis-in-law Megan figured out how to make these cute barrettes, I'm pretty sure they made one to match each of Kelty's outfits. I lost my patience by four but I think I'll make a potato one to go with the carrot. haha.


Matt and Jessica Stevenson said...

Worth millions for sure!

Erin said...

Did you scan it in? Do you have a scanner that big?

Jess said...

That is awesome. You may have a little artist on your hands.

Ashley said...

Hi, I know you don't know me
but I stumbled upon your blog and seriously looked at every single last one of your pictures.

You have amazing talent, and because I hope to be a photographer one day, I was ooh-ing and ahh-ing at how good you are!

I didn't do as much reading, but I think you have amazing skills and they made me smile.

I was also wondering what kind of cameras you use, and if you could possibly take a look at some of my photography?

They're on myspace under my family account, which is

If you're interested in critiquing some of my pictures, I would be honored for that,
and my e-mail is

thank you!

David Scott said...

Love the finger painting! It reminds me of Matisse. :) You know, he could really be famous someday and that painting will be worth millions. I think you should get him to sign it. p.s. this is brittany not david

Cammie said...

You have a map...look at that, someone from Hong Kong checks it wow!

Cammie said...

oh, and Good job Cody!

Kent Nicol said...

Karl Thomas would be proud. Grandpa is to.
Love you

whit said...

hello, this is going to be an odd question. You have the only picture of the white anthropologie lampshade with the birds on it that I can find. Do you still have it and maybe the style number? or could you tell me from which store you got it? thank you very much, sorry for the odd request.