Tuesday, November 4, 2008

broken arm: round 2

Last Tuesday was a repeat of 21/2 years ago. Same arm, same place: both bones broken in the middle of her forearm, and bent at 31 degrees, which means she had to be put under to re-set the bones. Last time she fell out of her crib. This time she fell less than a foot off our couch. Crazy.

Putting on a brave face.

Hour 5 at ER. Bone has been set and waiting for her to wake up.

Grandpa Lewie and Grandma Jannie...they were in Uruguay on a mish during the last episode so Jann didn't want to miss out this time. Thanks for the blessing and support. And especially for the stand-in blankie. How could I forget her Blankie as such crucial time?

I didn't get a picture of my dad but he was also there. He drove us first to the ER, then to Srpingville InstaCare, then back to the ER. Then waited with me and cried with me when they put the IV in Ellie's arm. Ellie was so brave...she wouldn't cry but tears were rolling down her cheeks. I told her "It's okay to cry." So she did. This picture was taken a few weeks before her last broken arm.

Also thank you mom for staying home with Cody. I'm sure she prayed enough for all of us and I'm also sure it worked. She has more faith than anyone I know.

Such a brave little girl.

And where was Justin you ask????

At school. He got there just after they set the bone. Lucky.

A couple pics of Round 1:



I know a broken arm is nothing compared to what many parents go through with sick and injured children. But I was seriously in a funk for three days after this. I didn't clean my house AT ALL, or get ready, or exercise. I just wanted to hunker down and stay home all day with my kids and watch movies. And I HATE watching movies during the day, one of my worst pet peeves. It proves that as a mothers, we have a physical connection to our children. When they are hurt, we hurt worse. This was also a good reminder to just love and be patient and play and cherish my kids - I love them so much it hurts!

Tomorrow we go to PCMC to get a real cast put on and hopefully the bone hasn't moved in the last week in her splint or we get to do it all again! Wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

we love poor cute ellie.

Cammie said...

That is so sad! Good luck tomorrow, keep us posted, and let me know if you need anything at all!

Vanes said...

Oh my goodness! Court - I was just logging on to check your Halloween pictures! Bless her little heart! This is just proof that we NEED insurance! TOO scary not to have it! :)

Rusty and Tara said...

Ellie, you poor little thing! I feel so bad for her! How long does she have to wear the cast? We pray everthing goes smoothly!

Erin said...

She looks so little - Levi's age? - in round 1.

Erin said...

PS at least she got through Halloween first!

Matt and Jessica Stevenson said...

she looks so pretty and peaceful in the pic where she is still sleeping. I hope she is doing better.
Get well soon little ellie's arm:)

Kara said...

How sad. Hopefully everything heals up alright. What a brave little girl, must be her mom's daughter.

Niels and Kayla said...

oh how sad! poor little girl, hope she feels better soon! she is such a sweetheart!

Tui said...

That really makes me feel bad. It seems everytime I visit your blog I either leave feeling bad about not running marathons, and now broken bones on little kids. Thanks a lot Courtney.

steve benally said...
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