Wednesday, December 3, 2008

my hubby is going CRAZY!

For seven years, I have exercised and Justin hasn't. Two months ago, something clicked and he decided to get in shape and now he exercises like a maniac and I feel like a lazy bum compared to him. Last Friday night, he and a friend rode around Utah Lake (90 miles), at night - night as in he got home at 4:00 am. They said they were cold and tired. Ummm, ya think?


Matt and Jessica Stevenson said...

I don't think matt has ever exercised in his entire life and lately he has been so dedicated to his boot camp class and mountain biking every chance he can get. i wonder how long it will last?

P.s. don't tell brittany...i liked twilight too:)

Jess said...

Yeah that is crazy!!! Give me your secret to exercising with little kids. Until it turned freezing cold, I went on 4 mile walks with Tessa in the jogger, they were great workouts because we live in hill-ville, but now that its cold Tessa complains too much, so I do nothing. I'm asking for snowshoes for Christmas, any other ideas for exercise? I feel inspired by your post, ha ha.