Sunday, January 18, 2009


Cody drives me nuts for lots of reasons. First, his cheeks are so squishy and tempting but I can't eat them. Also he pulls out the pebbles from the fireplace and scatters them throughout the house multiple times a day. He also thinks he can survive on milk, cookies and crackers. So in an attempt to fix the last problem, I've replaced milk with soy and then a couple days ago I magically came upon this girls post which I belive has saved us. One of the best things about blogs and "mommy blogs" in particular is that we can share what works and help eachother out. It's like a big virtual support group.

Ellie's tray. She is a good eater anyway but she just died over this.

Cody also gets to eat this in the barstool which he thinks is pretty cool. Usually he eats in a little booster on the floor (sad for him but less messy).

Another great idea on this girls blog is to blend up spinach with a little water and then freeze it in cubes. I threw a couple green cubes in our berry/yogurt shake this morning and you would never know.

Well, I must be pretty excited about this because we just got back from Cancun but I'd rather post about snack trays than the beach!


Erin said...

I saw this post on Jill's site a while back, and have thought of it a bunch, but never tried it. Seems like we never have room in our fridge for a whole tray like this. That's good it worked. And I liked what you said about Cody's cheeks. I think that a lot about Levi - he's so stinkin' cute I just can't get enough of him, and I sort of feel like eating him. My parents used to say, "I could just eat you up!" When I was little I just thought they were weird for saying it, but now I understand.

Threlfall Mysteries said...

Oh my gosh, this is genius, I'm totally stealing this idea. I love that you'd rather post about the snack tray than Cancun, I heard it wasn't all that fun anyway. JUST KIDDING, I heard it was a BLAST and I am so mad we didn't go with you guys!!! Next year for sure, we aren't going to be silly to pass up a FREE vacation EVER again!!! haha
Miss you guys, and your kids are getting cuter by the second. Also, I loved your snowball cupcake with sprinkles and a candle, what a great idea.

Ashley Dickerson said...

I love this idea and I am really bummed that Cade isn't old enough to try it out :( You'll have to help me remember in a couple of months.

Kara said...

What a fun idea! If I had kids, I would do it!

A said...

Wow, what a geat idea. I am totally going to do this. My frined send me your blog link about the uggs. Do you live in utah valley? I wear a size 7 and have these in gray. Got them last year and wear them all the time. I might wan to try an 8 to see how much bigger they are. Please email me at

Cammie said...

I used that with Canon a few times before we moved to Lehi, I should try it again, I forgot about it. I saw it on the blog Chasing Cheerios I bet you would like it. The mom is ultra talented and uses Montessori methods in raising and teaching her daughter.
Another note, I am avoiding your Houston question.