Sunday, December 13, 2009


Today I have invited a guest blogger, Cammie to tell us about our kids Christmas party yesterday! Ok, really I just stole her html from her blog:
We try to have a Christmas party for our kids each year. We are 4 girls who have known each other since we kids. (12, 13, and 18 were my ages when I met Court, Heather and Emily, respectively) We still like each other very much and enjoy any time we can spend together. We try to get together as often as our schedules will allow all year long and we love that our kids are friends.
Heather hosted the Christmas party this year and it was a great success! We're so happy it wasn't a repeat of last year, suv+semi=death to suv (that was me).
The kids played games, decorated candy Christmas Trees, played more games, ate more treats, destroyed the house, and opened wonderful presents.
Heather had a number of games with prizes, but I didn't crack out the camera in time. She had Holiday Bingo from Crayola. It was fun and the m&m's were super tasty bingo chips.
Courtney had the kids play "Pin the ornament on the tree"
Ethan spinning
Molly trying to find the tree.
I think Courage found the tree, but I love his and Ellie's faces in this picture.

Canon decorating his ice-cream-cone Christmas Tree. Brilliant idea Em!

Ethan's snow marshmallow's were my favorite.

Trace ate his marshmallows

All the trees


Cammie said...

Yeah! I'm glad that worked.

Emily said...

So cute to see that you guys still get together. Jealous! Wish I was the fourth Emily that Cammie met when she was 18 (almost could have been). Miss all of you guys. Cammie, I would love to be invited to your blog. . . That's always awkward. :)

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Real Life Roberts said...

looks so fun...wish I were there! Please tell Heather hi! I would love to get in touch with her again! Such cute kiddos!